Rifan is a global investment management firm dedicated to deliver results for its client through its trusted partner and an engaged partner shareholder. We have and will continue to partner with like-minded organizations to enhance the UAE’s growth potential through investment in its Divisions in investment: Commercial Enterprises & Management, Agricultural Enterprises & Management, Healthcare Enterprises & Development, Educational Enterprises & Management, Tourist Enterprises & Management.

  • We believe in creating sustainable financial returns considering shareholder strategic objective of global integration and diversified economy.
  • We believe an abundance of opportunities exist in every market & it require right formula to capitalise these avenues, with a combined balance of an experienced field team as well as a strong local network.
  • Established in 2020 we have experience phenomenal growth and success in its business activities, the result of its philosophy of identifying and meeting the needs of its target markets.

Rifan Investment invest internationally in sector that build on our competitive advantage of experienced professional, strong & global associations that create lasting value and positive impact on socio-economic environment locally and globally.

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